Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Rid of Poison Ivy

* For problems with the clover can try to solve a spray herbicide that problem. These herbicides have no effect on your lawn but kill clover.

* Ring of fungi is often a sign that wood is buried below the herbal. Podrida be something from the wreckage to the roots. The most effective way to get rid of them is by removing the wood. You have to worry, however, as the fungus usually does not damage the turf quality. They are more a nuisance than a real problem. * Moss is working in areas where the soil is acidic. He also likes the moist and shady, and compact. If you solve these problems, is certainly getting rid of the moss problem. Moss changes color depending on its life.

* Poison oak and poison ivy can be killed with the herbicide Round Up. You have to apply several times. Apply now wait two weeks, then drizzle a little more. If the plans are in a shaded area, then it will take longer to kill them.

* Alliums Canadensis or the terrace of the bulb to control a difficult task. This is due to the fact that it has a waxy coating that can penetrate the herbicide. It has hollow stems are usually 1-3 meters high flat with a soft, waxy stems and leaves.
You may need to apply the herbicide a few times. This will kill the roots.

* Crabgrass germination can use a pre-emergent herbicide to stop. If the grass has already grown, you can drag it. Its seeds are very resilient and can remain in soil for years and germinate only when conditions are suitable. In order to prevent germination, you can maintain a healthy lawn. You can also prevent DACTHAL herbicides, germination. Chemical pre-or post-emergent controls as in the dimension (TM) can also be found on the desired grasses. It seems that the corn gluten may act as pre-emergent or fertilizer, but must be applied at the right time.

* Creeping Charlie is another perennial weed. Also very difficult without the control of chemicals. Reacts quickly to 2,4-D and Mecopop. Have stubbornly in the implementation of the solution, but are used as herbicides, that almost all the plants affect the environment carefully. What you can do is apply with a brush, such as painting, so do not harm other plants.
The best time to apply herbicides is in June or September to avoid rainy days.
Always be careful when handling chemicals. Read the label carefully and fallow land, pay attention to the mixing instructions and precautions. Use only long sleeves and pants to protect them.

* The use of herbicides, several times the same time, or will not increase a difference a few hours or reduce its effectiveness.

* Bamboo is a more aggressive invasive plant and can be completed in just a few ways. You can return sprayed on the ground and then cut with a general herbicide such as Round Up grouping of bamboo is not as aggressive as running bamboo.

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