Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poison Oak Remedy

poison oak remedy
# Keep out. If you know you've been exposed, do not go inside so you can prevent the spread of urushiol.

# Wash the skin immediately. Cleanse skin with alcohol first, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.
* Do not scrub or use hot water in your skin. This may be called urushiol deeper into the pores.
* Do not use soap to rinse after your skin with water only. The soap can pick up and move the urushiol to other parts of your body.
* Do not go to plants containing urushiol far that day, alcohol can make your skin extra sensitive to it.
* Do not forget to clean under fingernails, you can scrape some urushiol and can be redeposited on other objects or areas of your skin by accident.
* From the urushiol is an oily resin that binds to skin proteins, and after this process is completed, it is almost impossible to remove poison oak.

# Recognize the symptoms. If you do not get out in time urushiol, an allergic reaction can occur within 48 hours. First, your skin becomes red and itchy. Finally, the rash becomes red bumps or large blisters. The rash appears anywhere who has been in contact with urushiol, although it may take longer for the rash to appear on parts of your body where skin is thicker. It does not spread, however, because the blisters is urushiol. Once urushiol is gone, the rash disappears.

# Stop scratching! Although the rash is not contagious, it is best not to damage the skin, or else run the risk of infection by germs.

# Wash your clothes and anything that may have been in contact with a poisonous plant (garden tools, pets, sports teams, leaves). Do not underestimate the power of urushiol, but can remain active for over a year.

# Cool. Take a cool bath or shower, apply cold compresses and / or massage the area with ice. The cooling sensation provided temporary relief.

# Sec. Always allow to air dry - thus reducing the itching and oozing blisters.

# Working to relieve itching. Some of these products can help relieve itching and irritation of poison oak or poison ivy:
* Take antihistamines. Unfortunately, these products only treat the symptoms of itching, but do not help the rash heal more quickly. Antihistamines generally offer only a slight improvement in symptoms of poison ivy, but if taken at bedtime, his combination of anti-allergic, and which induce drowsiness can help you get some rest.
* Try hydrocortisone cream. Although the ingredients work for several hours, these creams tend to moisturize the skin at a time when the drying provides a long-term relief.
* A rash of dermatitis
Apply calamine lotion. As the Coasters, said in his immortal song Poison Ivy: "You're gonna need an ocean / of calamine lotion." Calamine lotion can relieve the itching and soothe the skin with blisters. Applied regularly and generously.

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