Wednesday, June 29, 2011

multiple sclerosis hereditary

multiple sclerosis hereditaryMultiple sclerosis is not exactly an inherited disease. However, the disease is influenced by the "genetic background" of an individual and has been shown that there are genes that are associated with an increased risk of contracting the disease. These genes, which are being studied are not sufficient to diagnose MS.

Overall, one out of 25 siblings of an individual with the disease also affected. If one identical twin is affected, there is even a 50% chance the other twin will also sick. But only one in 20 fraternal twins will be affected if his brother is sick. If one parent is affected by MS, each child will have a 1 in 40 chance of developing the disease as an adult.

Two studies in Canada and Britain following table shows the chance of illness according to the degree of kinship:

Degree of relatedness of disease Probability

In the population ~ 0.2%

1st Grade Family ~ 3%

Family in 2nd grade ~ 1%

3rd Grade Family ~ 0.9%

~ 35% identical twins

Brothers ~ 4%

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