Friday, June 17, 2011

My Eyes Look Tired

my eyes look tired
Help for tired eyes
Hours of television, affects the eyes. Tips for tired eyes and for the regeneration, Prof. Hademar Hofer.

Dry Eyes
"If you sit in front of a screen, the eyes are fixed. you do not move, "said Bank Hofer. The result is that the tear glands can not produce more eye fluid, it is in the eye no longer distributed. Dry the eyes out.

In addition, when long television the visual purple of the retina, the rhodopsin, consumes faster. A lack of rhodopsin leads to vision problems. "A typical situation we have right now, when people sit for hours in front of the TV and watch football, "said Bank Hofer.

Mrs. Smiley stops in front of their eyes.
Wink and a cotton ball
Couple who sits in front of the TV, can avoid dry eyes a little easier. "To put the tear glands to be back in action, you should flirt wink. Again and again, with the eyelashes. Thus, the tear fluid is redistributed, "said Bank Hofer.

When the eyes burn and are tired of helping cotton balls dipped in lukewarm water. Man lies down in a dark room and gives the cotton balls for ten minutes on the closed eyes.

Also Augentrosttee from the pharmacy helps. Pour a teaspoon of boiling water, place on a cotton ball and place on closed eyes.

Pineapple, carrots, blueberries
But also through the eyes of food can be helped. A fresh pineapple for example, or chew raw carrots or drink as juice, it all helps, according to bank Hofer.

Vitamin A and beta carotene are important for the production of visual purple. Also recommended is blueberry nut juice, without sugar and water from the health food store.

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