Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

getting rid of poison ivy
Poison Ivy grows in your garden just can not be ignored. It can really cause problems is dangerous. can bring your pet to Poison Ivy in the house on his coat, children can find harmful rashes on the skin etc. One of the complete removal of poison ivy a bit difficult, but this article to us about the killing of the poison ivy and can quickly preventing them to return. The things that get rid of for getting poison ivy are required as follows:
How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy
* Soap
* Pesticide sprayer
* 1 gallon of water
* 1 cup salt
* Large garbage bag
* Black plastic sheet
* Hedge Trimmer

After you have gathered all the above things for getting rid of poison ivy are needed before we can include knowledge of procedures:

* Have a sprayer and mix a cup of salt and a gallon of water. Now add 2 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent to this mixture of salt and water. Shake this mixture well so that the contents get mixed properly. The amount of salt and water, that is in the syringe depends on the amount of poison ivy, you want to remove. When Poison Ivy is in height, you can add another group of salt water.

* Remember to put the bottle in your shower with dish after mixing 2 tablespoons of it into the salt water. This is required of you after the work is completed.

* Make sure that you are looking for as much of your skin as possible, while freeing the Poison Ivy. You must wear a long sleeved shirt, gloves, pants and boots. Let part of your skin as it will be exposed to opportunities of your skin be in contact with it during removal of the poison ivy. Prevention is always considered better than cure.

* When you go outside to remove your garden the Poison Ivy remember the syringe to take a large garbage bag, hedge trimmers and the black plastic sheet with you.

* You must use the hedge trimmer to cut all the vines that you have to restart wrapped around trees and other objects. Note that, as and when you cut these vines with the hedge trimmer, you must directly into the garbage bag. Every small and young poison ivy plants can be pulled directly from the roots and thrown in the garbage bag.

* Now you need to use the salt solution into the syringe to be sprayed directly on the poison ivy plants. Try aiming for the base of the plants while spraying the solution. can, however, be careful not to spray the solution on a different vegetation close to salt everything it touches to kill.

* After you have poison ivy plants sprayed with the salt solution, you have the black plastic tarp over the plants instead. You can also use blocks or small stones to hold them. These covers will prevent sunlight from reaching the poison ivy and will not go well as a warning to others in the vicinity it to act. You have to remember that poison ivy can be dangerous, even if he is dead.

* Now put the garbage bag that keeps you directly to the trash. Having thus you must immediately remove outer clothing that you wear them into the washing machine. You take a shower immediately by using soap instead of regular soap. This is because soap has the ability to remove urushiol oil that causes the oily resin, skin rashes in the skin from the body.

* You will need a few days before the removal of the tarp to see if the poison ivy is dead or not seen. While you too will have to cover your body with protective clothing.

* It is strongly discouraged, Poison Ivy plants for the purpose to get rid of burn. This is because the smoke from the plant can be extremely dangerous when inhaled and can also turn in some cases fatal.

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